Is the risk of exposure worth it?

Uninterrupted business operations support modern consumer and business lifestyles; so many businesses fail because they do not have a contingency plan in place. A temperature controlled process breakdown resulting in a climate change to your working environment can and will cause chaos and stress and will have a negative impact on your business

    "Research from the British Chamber of Commerce reveals that 80% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan fold in the aftermath of a major disaster. Moreover, the most vulnerable businesses - small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) - are unlikely to have such measures in place." - Disaster Planning (

Occurrences are becoming common where failure strikes and there is no business continuity plan in place. In recent years the impact of air conditioning or heating failure and consequent damages and losses have ended up in highly expensive and very public High Court cases. Today more than ever, the name of the game is assured service availability, but when it fails, it is the hit to reputation, sales income, loss of profits, and increasingly penalties, that is the true cost.

In food production unexpected temperature control failure can lead to thousands of consumers of a popular food brand believing they have been adversely affected. Massive reputation damage for a major brand takes place.

On a smaller scale, a city hotel's boiler fails and corporate guests are treated to cold showers in the morning. When the air conditioning breaks down during an international sales conference, the hotel is dropped from the client's preferred venue list

Be sure, act now, we can help you decide which contingency plan works for you and you can get peace of mind should an emergency strike at any time. Some of the benefits for our customers include peace of mind and protection against losses, chaos and damage to reputation.

Climate Contingency Services achieves it's unique emergency service through its exclusive partnership with the UK's market leading specialist hire provider Andrews Sykes. With a CCS plan in place our contingency team will be on site within agreed timescles with the exact pre-agreed customised solution for your environment.