IT and Telecoms

IT & Telecoms

With a climate contingency plan in place, we will deal with all temperature related disasters that threaten costly disruption to your business.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

We understand the needs of Facilities Managers to have disaster recovery plans in place for the emergency supply of temporary cooling.

Food and Beverages

Food & Beverages

Delivering high quality fresh food and beverages relies on the critical temperature management of your facility.



Contingency plans are a necessity in hospitals where effective temperature control can be a matter of life and death.



Cooling equipment for manufacturing, production and processing is vital in ensuring the continuation of supply to the end user.

Leisure and Conferencing

Leisure & Conferencing

When your hotel boiler fails you only have a limited time to avoid your customers being without hot water and/or heating in their rooms.


We are one of the premier providers of air conditioning installations, planned maintenance and breakdown repair services in London.